Wednesday, 2 September 2015

இரங்கல் செய்தி

நமது சங்க உறுப்பினரான திரு T.மாடசாமி  (AGM RETD) அவர்கள் நேற்று மலை சுமார் 6 மணி அளவில் மதுரையில் இறைவனடி சேர்ந்து விட்டார் . இறுதிச்சடங்குகள் கோவில் பட்டி அருகில் உள்ள அவரது ஊரில் நடை பெறுகின்றன. அனனாரது  ஆத்மா சாந்தியடைய பிரார்த்திப்போம்.
அவரது குடும்பத்தாற்கு நமது ஆழ்ந்த இரங்கல்களை தெரிவிப்போம் .

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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1.    SABlTHA R.,  SR T.S(OP) AGM CM,NWOP, MA .  

2.    MURUGAlAH P.,  T.S(O) CAO TR, MA.       
4.    SANGlLl K .,T.M  SDE G CNP, CHlNNALAPATTl .      
5.    SUBRAMANlAN A .,T.M SDE NCR RSU, MA .     
6.    MAHALElNGAM N S., T.M,SDE(P)PLN, PALANl .      
7.    JAYALAKSHMl N., T.T.A TNR SDE, MA(TNR) .      

Sunday, 16 August 2015



Contrary to our impression gathered during our recent visit to New Delhi and discussion with Chairman and Member (F) of Telecom Commission, we receive the disturbing information that Department of Expenditure is delaying the case by asking DoT to supply number of data.

If the DoT asks BSNL Corporate Office to collect the data and supply the same, then, it will not come in the near future. During the last five years, Corporate Office could not collect any data from circles within the prescribed time limit.
Honourable Prime Minister has assured “maximum governance”. But, our experience is just the opposite. A benefit given to central government pensioners eleven years ago is still denied to BSNL retirees who are also central government pensioners. A benefit granted to BSNL serving staff two years ago is denied to pensioners.

Some leaders want “automatic pension revision linked with pay revision in BSNL”

Then, why the 78.2% benefit is not yet given automatic?

Com. Shiv Gopal Sharma, Secretary, Staff Side (JCM) met the chairman and secretary of the 7th CPC. He gathered the impression that the 7th CPC report may be delayed by one month.Earlier, it was told that the CPC may submit its report by 28th August 2015. Now, it is understood that the Report will be submitted by end of September 2015 only.

According to the report appeared in Economic Times,
Shri Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister has expressed a serious concern about rising pension bill.
The Honourable minister has placed a statement in the Parliament stating that
“........ The Pension bill will rise from Rupees 88 thousand core to 102 thousand crore next year, when the 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations are implemented....”
It means that the pension will increase at an average by 15.79 percent when the 7th CPC report is implemented. In the same statement it is mentioned that normal yearly increase in pension bill is around 9 percent.
That means the additional increase on account of 7th CPC report is only 7 percent.
7th CPC has not yet prepared the report.
But, Finance Minister has some information about the recommendations....!!

On 12-8-2015, the Corporate Office of BSNL sent a new letter to all circles to intimate the number of BSNL non-executive staff who had faced anomaly/aberration in pay when the CDA scales were converted into IDA scales in 2000. BSNL CO is collecting the data after 15 years !!!!

Corporate Office collected the same data several times in the past. All details are available in the Corporate Office. It is not understood why the CO wanted same figures again now.

Nobody has studied the anomaly case properly.

Thursday, 13 August 2015



Com. R L Kapoor, New Delhi informs:

The case filed by us (OA No 2173/2014) was listed for hearing by the Double Bench of Principal CAT for today, the 12th August 2015. But it was not heard today as the Department of Telecom has changed its advocate. The case is now posted to 8th October 20-15.

Friday, 7 August 2015


Since the Hon’ble Minister of Communications Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad was busy in some other meeting, we could not meet him personally. However, we made over the invitation for our All India Conference to his office.
Com. P.S.Raman Kutty and Com. G.Natarajan met Shri Anupam Shrivatsava CMD BSNL personally and invited him to the All India Conference.
Com. D.Gopalakrishnan, Com. P.Gangadhara Rao, Com.S.Gunasekaran and Com. R.L.Kapoor met Smt. Annie Moraes Member (Fin) and had a detailed discussion for the second time. Member (Fin) informed that her office has not received query from Department of Expenditure on 78.2 IDA case. We appraised her on the need of holding a Pension Adalat at national level. Member (F) wanted data of cases pending at national level to be settled in co-ordination with BSNL authorities. We assured that we would supply the data very soon.
MEETING with UNDER SECRETARY (Admin): We met Smt. Anuradha Ganesh Under Secretary (Admn) in Department of Telecom and requested her to expedite the comments from Department of Telecom on our memorandum to the VII CPC. She assured that it would be sent very soon.
MEETING with DIRECTOR (Establishment): We met Shri P.Khanna Dir (Estt) and discussed the case of extra increment. Dir (Estt) assured that he would examine the case. Full Details will be supplied through the next circular.
MEETING WITH DIRECTOR (HR) BSNL Mrs. Sujatha Ray on 3-8-2015.
Our leaders G.Natarajan, P.Gangadhara Rao, S.Gunasekaran and Sisodia CS NTR met her discussed the following issues:
  • 1.BSNL MRS: Dir (HR) told that we are working out a comprehensive medi-claim scheme for in-patient treatment. Pensioners’ interest will be taken care of while finalizing the scheme. The problem with ERP will be sorted out.
  • 2.Quarters for Spouse: Will be examined
  • 3.Rent free telephone in some circles: The concession is being limited to local calls only. We demanded that such restriction should be removed. She assured that a favourable note prepared already would be placed for BSNL Board approval

Today, on 5-8-2015, on behalf of our Association, Com. P.S.Raman Kutty, Com. D.Gopalakrishnan and Com. G.Natarajan met Secretary, Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare Shri Devendra Chaudhary at his office. We invited him for the ensuing All India Conference at Bangalore and he has immediately accepted our invitation and agreed to attend our AIC. There were some probing questions about the future pension revision of BSNL pensioners. We explained our position in detail which was appreciated by him. He also wanted some brief note about the problem to be discussed in the All India Conference and our leaders assured to provide it shortly. On inclusion of our Association’s name in the list of identified Pensioners’ Associations, our leaders presented a letter and he agreed to consider the same.